First Person Sunglasses Try-On Experiment

A fun "try-on" experiment that shows a first person view through the colored lenses of sunglasses.

Inspiration for Search UI Effects

A couple of schematic, inspirational proof-of-concepts for how to show the search interface on a website.

Drone Icons

A free drone icon set in solid and line style with 50 easy-to-adjust icons in AI, Sketch, SVG, PNG and Iconjar format.

Smoothies Icon Set

A free icon set of 12 yummy smoothies made with soft shading and modern shapes. The illustrations come in SVG.

Creating a Simple Image Poster Effect

A tutorial on how to create a simple image effect with little image fragments inspired by clip-path.

Mirror Effect

The idea is to mirror an image and animate it within the context of a slideshow.

Block Reveal Effects

Ideas for revealing content in a schematic box look as seen around the Web lately.

Interactive Musical Instruments

Experimental ideas for playful musical interactions powered by MIDI.js and the Web Audio